Power washing roofs, siding and other surfaces can cause damage to the surface and doesn’t properly clean it. You would think power washing the roof would clean off any dirt and debris right off the surface. However, the big problem is that high pressure damages the surface of roofing materials and can void manufacturer warranties. Most homes have ashpalt shingles which have tiny pebbles on top of them that aide in the protection of your home. Power washing actually blasts off those pebbles.

Roof Cleaning Becomes an Industry

Once it was discovered that washing roof because of  the growth and accumulation of those organic materials was a benefit to your roof and how long it lasts, roof cleaning became a viable industry.

Introducing Soft Wash

Rather then the standard pressure washing, a soft wash roof option became available using low pressure washing and environmentally safe cleaner that removes the stains from the roof and doesn’t compromise the roof. The biodegradable solvent used also sanitizes the roof, penetrates the bacteria and gets rid of it.

Frequency of Cleaning

We recommend an annual soft wash roof cleaning every year if you reside and own a home or business in New England. Most roof cleaning companies will be able to inspect the roof and determine the how often it should be cleaned based on the roofing materials and the roof’s condition.
Maintaining your roof is alot less expensive then having to replace it. Mark your calendar in your phone and place it on yearly reminder to call your local soft wash company pros at Window Wizards, or find a company that offers a maintenance plan to avoid roof neglect.

Understanding the Damage

Mold and bacteria growth happen when your roof has been neglected for a long period of time. A compromised roof puts the building, your family’s safety, and belongings at risk for deterioration, water damage, and pest infestation.

Curb appeal decreases and so does the value of your property. Search online for soft wash roof cleaning near me and set up a safe and affordable cleaning soon with Window Wizards. The roof will look amazing, the mold and bacteria will be gone, and the roofing materials will not be damaged in the process. It is a win-win situation.

Is SoftWash the Answer?

A SoftWash System can treat your patio and driveway, killing the fungus, Algae, and lichens completely! Window Wizards offers advanced Roof cleaning services and uses special roof cleaning equipment too. Soft washing your Roof will not only clean your roof but it will keep it intact and looking beautiful. Talk about curb appeal!

If you need roof cleaning in Connecticut or Rhode Island you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved, by treating and sanitizing with the SoftWash System followed by Window Wizards and roof will look brand new!

Cleaning services at Window Wizards can offer include: