Windows play a big role in residential and commercial properties appearance and curb appeal. These glass units provide great views, however when dirty, windows can’t perform their basic job functions as effectively or clearly.

Window Wizards took the time to explain to you  some reasons why window cleaning to professionals:

It Is Dangerous

Many operating units, such as double-hung, casement and sliding units, have been designed to be low-maintenance and user-friendly. Both sides of these units can be cleaned from the inside, eliminating the need to clean outside.

However, the same can’t be said about picture windows. They’re fixed and usually large. Those located in upper stories or upstairs rooms can be properly washed without proper equipment, which you can’t safely use without training.

Like roof cleaning, window washing has it share of dangers for the untrained. Sunco Window Cleaning attests that “ladder danger” is real, and one misstep can leave you with serious injury.

It Can Damage the Units

If you manage the task, your lack of technical knowhow and/or experience may cause more harm than good to your windows.

For instance, power washing can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. A wild pressure washer can compromise window panes and frames and potentially injure people, including yourself.

About Window Wizards

Finding yourself searching Google for window cleaning company near me or window cleaning near me? Click on your local window cleaning companies, Window Wizards. We are family owned company, not a franchise. Founded in 2012 by Peter Previty, a Pawcatuck native, Window Wizards has a reputation by providing quality work at an affordable price point. Although we started out as a window cleaning company we now offer soft washing of your homes exterior, gutter cleaning and gutter guard protection products, post construction cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning services.

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