Are your patios and driveways covered with fungus?

Mould,  Spores, Algae, Lichens are just some of the microorganism that are living, multiplying and feeding on your sidewalks, patios, and driveways!

These areas appear dirty but they’re not,  your driveway and patios are literally with a lot of tiny bacteria.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing companies use many different types of driveway cleaning equipment. Things such as turbo nozzles which can break your  your driveway to pieces and cause damage to your patio. Many pressure washing business do not use the correct driveway cleaning equipment.

You may think it’s a good idea to search on google “Pressure washing near me” But did you know pressure washing is not the answer? Pressure washing only gives the mould a quick rinse and does not kill the root of the problem. Pressure washing will feed the algae growing on your patio and in a short time will grow back, Pressure washing actually spreads the spores around moving them to different surfaces so they can grow and multiply there too!

Instead you should be searching for Soft Wash Near Me! If you would like more information about soft washing your home or business fill out the form on this page or call Window Wizards. Please contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.

Is SoftWash the Answer?

A SoftWash System can treat your patio and driveway, killing the fungus, Algae, and lichens completely! Window Wizards offers advanced Patio cleaning services and uses special Driveway cleaning equipment too. Soft washing your driveway will not only clean your driveway but it will keep it intact and looking beautiful. Talk about curb appeal!

If you need Driveway cleaning in Connecticut or Rhode Island you will be amazed at the results that can be achieved, by treating and sanitizing with the SoftWash System followed by Window Wizards and your patios and driveway will look brand new too!

Cleaning services at Window Wizards can offer include:

Driveway Cleaning CT, Driveway Cleaning RI