Why pressure wash your house before winter hits? Well, there are a few reasons you should pressure wash your house, even as the winter season approaches. Each tip listed below sheds some light on essential home maintenance and might help you solve any lingering issues your home may have.

Keep Siding Clean

We would not recommend power washing your home in the winter as cold temperatures and water do not mix. Cleaning your siding before the winter season starts helps keep your house in excellent condition. When temperatures drop below freezing, and it begins to snow, dirt and debris can stick to your home. This accumulation can leave behind stains on your siding or brick come springtime.

Siding and other surfaces around your home might also be caked in pollen. Stains caused by pollen can ruin your paint job and the curb appeal of your home. Cleaning everything before winter starts is more manageable than watching the quality of your home fade away.

Uncover Siding Issues

After cleaning your siding, it’s possible to see any issues that were not visible previously. A crack that was not obvious in the past will be revealed under the high pressure used during the cleaning process. Some siding might have irremovable stains, or some panels might be loose. You can solve these problems before it gets too cold to do so.

Knock Down Leaves and Debris

All the leaves, sticks, twigs, and branches on your home can be knocked down with a pressure wash. You might also have bee, wasp, or hornet nests attached to your home. While we are not experts at nest removal, we often find nests while pressure washing. A professional pest control company can remove any nests, which will be more cost-effective while the nests are still small.

Clean Up the Driveway

When you clean your driveway, you will prevent staining during the winter. Snow and ice that packs on the driveway could compress debris or dirt. You might also have chemicals, oil, or even gasoline on the driveway. These chemicals could cause the driveway to crack as temperatures change. Rather than waiting for the snow and ice to melt, revealing an unsightly driveway, why not get it pressured washed before the snow hits.

Clean the Deck, Patio, or Porch One Last Time

Your patio, deck, or porch might accumulate mold and mildew. Pressure washing these surfaces so that they are not stained by packed ice and snow makes spring cleaning a breeze. You can also pressure wash these surfaces to uncover any damage that may need repairs before winter.

Clean the Fence While You Still Can

Your fence might be covered in debris or pollen, or it might have mold and mildew that you overlooked during the hot summer months. Getting your fence pressure washed professionally before the cold sets in allows your fence to look fresh throughout the winter.

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